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          Industrial Automation Control System (IACS)

          Industrial automation system is the combination of a variety of systems like automatic measuring instruments and control devices. Including several control systems such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, distributed control systems (DCS), and programmable logic controllers(PLC). They are used to provide automated or partially automated control of the equipment in manufacturing and chemical plants, electric utilities, distribution and transportation systems, and many other industries.

          Maiwe Solution

          Industrial automation control system adopts Maiwe MISCOM6026 100M managed ?rack-mount industrial Ethernet switch, MIEN5208 100M managed din-rail industrial Ethernet switch and Mport3102 serial Ethernet server to network.Mport3102 serial Ethernet server which can connect with automation equipment directly supports1 Ethernet interface and 2 serial communication to data exchange .It sends the information collected by sensor to control station via MIEN5208 and MISCOM6026, At the same time,transmitting control station information to PLC and other automation equipment to realize unified management and automation control of automation and sensing equipment.


          Key Products

          Typical Application

          Control system of flue gas desulfurization device-HuangNeng Haimen Electric factory 
          DCS automatic control system for bismuth smelting-HuNan Shizhuyuan Non-ferrous Metal Co.,Ltd.