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          Freeway Power Monitoring Automation System

          The system takes 10KV power supply system, toll station power distribution system, tunnel lighting, ventilation and power distribution system as the object. The main station system installed in the sub-center and various types of measurement and protection devices installed in the field . through the remote the centralized monitoring function, the automatic control of the external field measurement , control device and the automatic control function of the on-site monitoring host achieve the automatic management of the power supply, distribution of the entire line, the tunnel ventilation and lighting, liberating human resources and realizing the unattended stations.

          Maiwe Solution

          For the Freeway monitoring system with long distances and many tunnels, we adopt a three-layer architecture. The first layer is divided into the main station layer of the center, the second-layer area in-situ monitoring host, and the third-layer outfield protection and monitoring devices. The second layer is combined with Maiwe industrial-grade optical fiber Ethernet switches, and the second layer and the third layer are combined through the internal optical fiber data network or bus data network to ensure reliable, safe, and fast transmission of information. ?The establishment of stable and reliable work, cost-effective Moderate communication network provides a fast transmission network channel for the entire system. A dedicated power distribution room and 10KV switch station are configured for long tunnels. An integrated workstation is used for data monitoring and control. A box substation is configured for short tunnels. The management machine performs data monitoring and control.

          System structure diagram

          Key Products

          Typical Application

          Changsha--Zhuzhou High Speed Toll Station Video Monitoring System

          Datong of Shanxi Province High Speed Monitoring System