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          Railway Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System

          As the assurance of economic source from rail transit, the AFC system Integrated use the professional knowledge of Computer, statistics, finance, etc. to realize the whole process automated management system with ticket sales, ticket checking, billing, charging, statistics, clearing and settlement. The AFC system will settlement at the computer center with the Computer terminal’s data collected from the Ethernet, then upload to ACC system to clearing through the core network.

          Maiwe Solution

          The Two-port network consist of Active and standby redundant connection between server, core layer 3 switch and layer 2 switch, which is the core network of the center line in this system, Each terminal device in the line center was connected in a star topology and aggregation to the core layer 3 switch, then cascade to Backbone ring.

          The backbone network between the stations is connected by 1000Mbps fiber ring network redundancy.

          Station terminal system: Divide the Station terminal device according to the  left and right  groups of the hall, connected with the MIEN6220 series network managed industrial Ethernet switch, and then connected the SFP port with the SFP port on the core switch to form a redundant ring network.

          Station computer system: Aggregated with a star topology through one MISCOM6026 cascade with the core switch,which Enable data to communicate with the line center system through the station backbone ring network

          Center Line computer system:As the central system of the entire line,which Responsible for the unified supervision of the information of each station and upload it to the rail transit clearing center. Thereby, the line center computer system uses two industrial Ethernet switches to interconnect the servers, storage, and communication servers in a network structure of one active and one backup.

          Repair center and training simulation system: The maintenance work area system is responsible for the equipment maintenance work and training work of the entire station. To Communicate with the line center, we cascade the device of Maintenance system, training and simulation system and maintenance work area with station core Ring by three MISCOM6026.

          System structure diagram

          Key Products

          Typical Application