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          Railway Building Automation System

          The Railway Building Automation System (BAS) is a high-performance, intelligent BAS control system that fully meets the characteristics of metro environmental control and urban climate differences, and integrates the latest technology of the contemporary world. It can provide passengers and operators with a comfortable environment, and can effectively save energy and reduce operating costs.

          Maiwe Solution

          The Railway Building Automation System (BAS) controls the ventilation and air conditioning system, water supply and drainage system, lighting system, escalator system, guidance system, screen door / safety door system through the field controller (PLC) equipment, and uploads the data to the main and standby dual switches The BAS control workstation monitors and processes with the station server. At the same time, the BAS control system uploaded to the line center through the backbone ring network line is monitored synchronously.

          The station BAS system adopts the main and standby dual-channel network structure. The system access equipment (BAS workstations, station servers, etc.) such as BAS workstations and station servers are redundantly interconnected with the backbone network between stations through the main and standby dual switches.

          The maintenance and standby centers use ring network switches for ring network redundancy connection, and the access devices of the two centers are connected to the two ring network switches of the corresponding center using the main and standby redundancy connections.

          The line center BAS system adopts the core switch master-standby redundant connection mode, and each access device (monitoring workstation, server, FAS workstation, etc.) also uses the master-standby connection mode to connect to the core switch.

          System structure diagram

          Key Products

          Typical Application

          Wuhan Metro Line 2

          Wuhan Metro Line 4