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          Hydropower Station CCTV Network Monitoring System

          The hydropower station CCTV network monitoring system provides high-capacity, stable and reliable video transmission for high-definition video surveillance in key areas of hydropower stations. Through the real-time image effect, the monitoring of the dam crest, gate, plant area and other areas of the hydropower station can be viewed, and the personnel can be mobilized and commanded effectively and efficiently. System requirements: 1. The system should have high reliability and maintainability, and have sufficient reserved capacity to ensure capacity expansion. 2. The system has high transmission bandwidth and supports Gigabit Ethernet transmission. 3. The system should be easy testing and maintenance.

          Maiwe Solution

          The entire hydropower station video network monitoring system divides the VLANs of multiple different gateways through a layer 3 switch. Between different LANs of the gateway, it will not affect the normal use of other gateway networks if one of them fail. After the entire network is set up, first ping the switch, network video camera, PC, etc. from the primary to the secondary in the ping mode according to the topology structure, and bind to the specific port through the MAC address and IP address of the device. After the completion, set a specific IP address for the bound device or port. If you need to add and change devices in the network, first apply to the network management center. After obtaining the license, you will need to add the MAC address record of the device and assign a corresponding IP address to improve security. Finally, the switch device in the network disables the port function for the port that is not applicable.

          System Structure Diagram

          Key Products

          Typical Application

          Fengtan Power Plant Hydropower Station Video Network Monitoring System
          Comprehensive automation background monitoring system of MTC-3S hydropower station in Liyuan Hydropower Station