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          Wind farm SCADA system

          Wind power system is the use of air flow through wind turbines to provide the mechanical power to turn electric generators,and the spinning speed can be increased by the speed increaser .Its main components are wind turbines, box transformers, etc., which with high reliability and Long life, no pollution, independent power generation and Grid-connected working. It is a clean and pollution-free environmentally friendly energy,which is promising and favored by enterprises in various countries

          Maiwe Solution

          The wind power system mainly consist of a wind wheel, a tower base, a combiner box, a pitch controller, a cabin controller, a box transformer and a transformer. It consists of the MIEN1203 in the cabin, the cabin controller need MIEN1203&MIEN6208 Taki,and the MISCOM6026 in main control room.

          To generate the electricity with the Wind turbine ,It increase the voltage through electrical substation then transfer to the booster station through the cables,transfer to the state grid after it is 110kv in cabin,the controller need? transfer the data of oil temperature oil pressure, rotation speed, paddle distance, yaw to the main controller of the Taki Motherboard,the MIEN6208 will transfer the parameter measurement to the MISCOM6026 connected with background system for data processing analysis and preservation in substation relay room.

          The optimum of the wind power system should be consisted of 30 switches,each 10 sets build up a Ring to assure the data from wind turbine can be transferred to the control room .The operators can monitor and control PV area equipment from afar, which greatly reduces the workload of on-site maintenance and the resulting personal safety hazards.

          System Structure Diagram

          Key Products

          Typical Application

          Huaneng Raoping Dagu Wind farm