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          Photovoltaic Power Generation Monitoring System

          Photovoltaic power generation system is a power generation system that converts solar energy into electric energy by using the photovoltaic effect principle. Its main parts are solar photovoltaic array, convergence box, DC cabinet inverter and box change, which are characterized by high reliability,long service life,no pollution and independent power grid operation .It is a clean and no pollution environmentally friendly energy that favored by all over the world's organizations and has broad development prospects.

          Maiwe Solution

          Photovoltaic power generation system mainly consists of solar photovoltaic panels, convergence boxes,DC cabinets,inverters,box change and transformers.The PV power generation communication system mainly consists of PV area serial port server Mport3102, outdoor room switch MIEN6208 and boost station switch MISCOM6026. The PV module is used to generate electricity,The power through the cable is connected to convergence box,after combining ,it transfers to DC cabinet through convergence box,then,The DC is converted into AC through the inverter.The voltage is up to 35KV through the box exchange and transmitted to the boost station through the power cable. The voltage is increased to 110kv and then delivered to the national grid.
          In the PV area of convergence box needs to monitor each circuit current, voltage and other measurements.the serial server lets the detection data of convergence box,DC cabinet, Inverter and box change access to the communication network, transmitting to relay protection room via MW-ring network switch MIEN6208.and connecting to optical power prediction and other control systems in backstage systems for data processing analysis and preservation via relay room rack-mout switch MISCOM6026.Each 1MW corresponds to an outdoor room.The PV area is generally composed of 20-100 outdoor rooms. Each 10 sets of switches and the central control room form a fiber ring network to ensure the stability of network communication. Operators can remotely monitor and control PV area equipment ,which greatly reduces the workload of on-site maintenance and the resulting personal safety risks.

          System Structure Diagram

          Key Products

          Typical Application

          Chenjiazhen of Shanghai 220KV Substation