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          Smart Grid Alarm Monitoring Automation System

          The application of digital technology in the security field has become more and more extensive with the network devlopments, such as banking, telecommunications, power and water conservancy.The network monitoring network has basically taken shape. The traditional video surveillance system is limited by the development of technology which can only perform on-site monitoring and simple alarm information transmission but cann't transmit video signals over long distances. For grid and other industries with a large number of unattended points,remote and real-time monitoring is one of the necessary conditions for the safe operation of industrial systems.

          Maiwe Solution

          Guizhou municipal power remote viewing project mainly use in Xingyi,Xingreng, Zhengfeng cities,to cover surrounding counties substation.It has total 44 sets of substation ,each substation has average 6 to 8- channel video distribution monitoring points, and also equipped with fire alarm system. Field video camera uses optic output, through star link connecting with MIEN3024 Industrial Ethernet switch to transmission. Field substation  transmits each substations video information by MIEN3024 Ethernet switch to state grid gigabit backbone network monitor center while monitor/store video information. This not only could monitor slaved substation remote image, but also could transmit PTZ control signals through this system, comprehensively realize video surveillance, video control and linkage alarm function.


          Key Products

          Typical Application

          Inner Mongolia Baotou No. 2 Power Plant Communication and Background Monitoring System
          Guizhou Electric Power Company Centralized Control Center Video Surveillance System