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          Power Plant Distributed Control System

          The power station is the source of power for national grid. It is always the direction of efforts for electric power workers to realize the power plant information automation and intellectualization.The Distributed Control System (DCS) has made rapid development since its emergence in the mid-1970s. In order to further promote the development of digitalization and informationization of power plants,then, gradually realize the unified data information of DCS and follow the principle of convenient management, adopting Ethernet transmission is a major trend in the development of industrial control and power plants automation.

          Maiwe Solution

          Field data access layer, through interface server hang on DCS I/O layer,Field data could map into DCS I/O bus data, then let DCS control information unified and integrated. Data communication layer use main control system 1#2# PC station construct redundant ring, top layer use MAIWE gigabit industrial Ethernet switch MISCOM7026 connect working station, engineer station, application sever and data base, bottom layer through 100base industrial Ethernet switch MIEN6208 connect control management main station, the whole network topology construct as two layers redundant ring, could expanse I/O sites by cascade. Make sure data transmission reliability, stability.

          System Structure Diagram

          Key Products

          Typical Application

          Hebei Hengshui Jingxian Power Supply Bureau Automation Distribution Network
          Inner Mongolia Baotou No. 2 Power Plant Communication and Background
          Monitoring System