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          NEWS & EVENTS

          We are back! | Maiwe Communications is striving to build a

          April 1, 2020

          We are back! | Maiwe Communications is striving to build a "epidemic prevention wall"


          Life is getting back to the normal, the spring is vivid, and the cherry blossoms are gorgeous. As the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, the order of life, economy and society in Hubei is gradually recovering. Wuhan also pressed the "restart button" and all industries are steadily resuming production.

                 As a key enterprise in Wuhan's communications field, Maiwei Communication is used in many national key projects such as subway construction and smart city construction. Therefore, after being reviewed by relevant departments, Wuhan Maiwei Communication Co., Ltd. has become one of the enterprises in Wuhan that resumed production and resumed production in advance. The company has officially resumed operation on March 20, 2020, and the long-dead Maiwei Building has revived.

                 Before the formal resumption of work, the company has carried out comprehensive and detailed cleaning and disinfection of the office premises, and all the anti-epidemic materials have been prepared in place, preparing for the temperature measurement and disinfection of employees after they arrive. The company organized the establishment of a special working group for epidemic prevention and control, with the chairman as the team leader, the executive deputy chief as the deputy team leader, and the heads of various departments as the team members to carry out the epidemic prevention and control work to the end. At the same time, the company has formulated the "Resume and Work Anti-epidemic Work Plan" such as the "Myway Communication New Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Work Plan", which basically covers employee health prevention and control, staff control, work area prevention and control, employee dining prevention and control, protective material management, Prevent and control emergency measures and other aspects, committed to ensuring the health and safety of all parties to the maximum!

                 Anti-epidemic first, health first! Maiwei Communication always puts love and responsibility for employees and customers first, and provides high-quality products and services for customers on the basis of ensuring the health and safety of each employee.

               As of April 1, 2020, Maiwei Communications has not had a confirmed or suspected case of new coronary pneumonia. Most of the company's employees have passed the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters in various places and returned to work in a safe and orderly manner. Hundreds of projects in which the company participates are being resumed in an orderly manner, and the resumption rate is 80%. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention, the company's resumption of production and production has proceeded safely and orderly.

          Point-to-point delivery

                  Since the company's official resumption of work, due to the incomplete restoration of traffic in Wuhan, the company provides commuting vehicles for reinstatement workers to avoid intensive contact. Employees wear masks and implement "point-to-point" transportation.

          Body temperature test record


          The company implements an entry and exit management method, setting up checkpoints at entrances and exits, strictly implementing body temperature testing, disinfection and sterilization, and entry and exit registration processes, and comprehensively controls employee access safety to ensure that all employees' body temperature meets standards before entering and leaving the company. Distribute masks and disinfectant to employees daily, and check epidemic prevention measures such as mask wearing and surface disinfection.

          Full area disinfection

                  The company uses spray disinfection on public areas such as hallways, aisles, office windows and doors, meeting rooms, toilets, elevator rooms, etc. every day. The cleaning utensils used in each area are distinguished to avoid mixing. The hand-washing station is equipped with hand-washing liquid, alcohol disinfectant and other supplies; sterilize the high-frequency contact points (such as door handles, faucets, etc.) from time to time; designated garbage bins next to the fire elevator on each floor are special garbage bins for epidemic prevention, special for waste masks and lunch boxes .

          Office area management

                  The company strengthened its awareness of epidemic prevention, posted anti-epidemic propaganda sheets in key areas, and reminded employees in the form of grounding gas to be careless and relaxed, and do a good job in epidemic prevention. The company requires all employees to wear masks and wash their hands frequently during work, and the distance between people is more than 1 meter; business communication is handled by network and telephone. Various process processing approvals and internal communication meetings are handled through the company's OA online office The platform is not allowed to cross the door; the company's floors have contactless transfer points for office documents for cross-floor document transfer; reduce centralized meetings, it is really necessary, try to hold short meetings, and enter the meeting Wash hands and disinfect before the room, and disinfect and maintain ventilation after the meeting; the company has isolation areas on every floor to prepare for unexpected needs.

                  The dark clouds cannot cover the sun, and the haze will eventually spread out, but the effort will not be let down. Before the epidemic situation is lifted, Maiwei Communications will strictly abide by the “security line” for epidemic prevention, strictly follow the epidemic prevention regulations, do a good job in epidemic prevention work, continue to actively purchase materials for epidemic prevention and control, and pay attention to the health and safety of the company ’s employees in real time to provide safe and stable operation of the company. Strongly support and contribute due power to resolutely win the epidemic prevention, control and blocking war!