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          NEWS & EVENTS

          Maiwe Online | Maiwe Communication start the

          March 5, 2020

          Maiwe Online | Maiwe Communication start the Cloud office


          At the beginning of the Year of the Rat, the epidemic was raging. To help prevent and control the epidemic, Maiwe Communication started the cloud office mode: only isolate viruses, not isolate services, and use the "cloud" as a bridge to see the screen. Through the "cloud model" of the office, although there is no meeting or contact, the project will not stop and the service will not stop.

          In the face of the epidemic, the company quickly adjusted to a new business model and worked out a feasible plan to ensure the normal operation of the business. Maiwei people are always on duty to ensure the orderly development of product technology research and development, product consulting and purchasing, technical support services, and after-sale security services. At present, the company's various work is proceeding normally, and the online work order is orderly.

          "Cloud" office efficiency is also guaranteed

                 During the epidemic, each department of Maiwei Communications performed its duties, and realized the weekly leadership meeting and the second department meeting through the company's OA online meeting system. On the one hand, it provides organizational and management support for the company's resumption of work, and on the other hand, it sticks to its posts through the network to achieve full collaboration and cooperation, steadily promote the work process, and improve the team's work efficiency.

          Core Team Cloud Work

          R&D Team

               The R & D team has achieved a comprehensive home office, and all R & D tasks have been carried out smoothly according to the established plan. In addition, the R & D team vigorously carried out the company ’s intangible asset development during the epidemic. Items, 2 appearance patent applications and 3 software copyright declarations.
          Sales Team

                As the company's first-line soldiers, the sales team has already gone to the battlefield. In addition to the Central China Region, sales offices have been implemented in the local offices of the five major theaters of the North China Region, Shandong Region, East China Region, South China Region and Southwest Region. The salesmen keep in touch with customers through telephone, internet, etc., whether there is communication, to ensure that the customer's order is placed smoothly to the company. According to statistics, the company received nearly 300 batches of customer orders in February.
          Technical service team

           The technical service team maintains 24-hour service online, responds to customer needs in a timely manner, communicates with customers via telephone or video at any time, and realizes remote service docking to ensure the normal operation of the project, and does everything possible to prevent the project under construction from being delayed due to the epidemic, while ensuring service Quality and service efficiency!
          Supply Chain Team

          The supply chain team keeps track of the company's orders at any time, closely cooperates with the upcoming demand for rush work, plans well in advance, and negotiates with the suppliers on material delivery in advance. For urgent materials, we can arrange the delivery of the shipment first, and the non-emergency stock first. Wait for the notice before shipping, and try to minimize the impact.

          Self-improved Keep Energetic

            For special periods, Maiwei Communication has specially formulated a series of online learning and growth courses for all employees. Every week, employees of the department are arranged for professional skills training and assessment, encouraging everyone to learn independently, enrich professional knowledge, strengthen business development and innovation, and become a better Maiwei person.
          A learning team must be invincible, and a learning individual must be fearless. When difficulties arise, it also means that opportunities are coming, seize the opportunities, and constantly recharge themselves in order to stand out in the future

          Crisis also means opportunity

          Maiwei Communication will resolutely implement the national regulations and requirements for fighting the epidemic, and provide remote services to customers on the premise of ensuring prevention and control of the epidemic. Our official website, official micro, public account, mailbox, and Maiwei Jingdong official flagship store have all opened the online service mode. If you have any pre-sale, after-sale, technical support and other consulting needs, you can contact us in time.
                During the epidemic situation, any difficulties can not stop the determination of the Maiwei people to fight against the epidemic; we cannot stop our original intention to serve the customers wholeheartedly, let us work together to resist the epidemic situation! After the storm, we will see you soon!