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          NEWS & EVENTS

          Annual Conference Ceremony | Inspire · Breakthrough Maiwe Communication 2020 Carnival

          January 17, 2020

          Annual Conference Ceremony | Inspire · Breakthrough Maiwe Communication 2020 Carnival


          Coming on schedule, surging

          January 16, 2020

          Maiwe Communication " Inspire · Breakthrough" Annual Meeting
          Shocked !!!

          With a bright and ceremonial year-end feast

          Share the joy and fruit with the partners fighting side by side

          Strive forward with the heart of struggle, and create brilliant with the cohesive heart

          We gathered together with joy and shared happy hours

          Next, let's follow the camera

          Let's focus on the highlight moment of Maiwe Communication 2020 ~

          In the spotlight, every smiley face is full of different stories, each story carries unforgettable memories, and each stuff  Maiwe is the most sparking "star".


                 Mr. Zhou Houming, chairman of Maiwe Communication, made an opening speech, briefly summarized the glorious achievements of Maiwe Communication in 2019, and deployed the focus of work in 2020. Looking forward to 2020, we can break through again and achieve new results. And encourage all the employees of Maiwe Communications to be optimists in the new year. "Seize the day, never lose the time". Starlight will live up to the passers-by, run together, and pursue dreams together. The future always belongs to everyone!


          Time believes in faith, and years witness the original intention. Looking back on 2019, the excellent and hard-working Maiwei people wrote a beautiful chapter for Maiwei Communication with their youth and passion. On this occasion of welcoming the old and the new, we are grateful and express our gratitude to the employees who have made special contributions to the company's development over the past year.

          The event included the annual outstanding employee award, the annual outstanding newcomer award and the annual outstanding team award. After extensive selection, 10 annual outstanding employees, 5 annual outstanding newcomers and an excellent team were selected. At the same time, it also fully affirmed the achievements of colleagues in the past year on the job, and encouraged everyone to achieve better results in the new year.


          All the programs of this annual meeting were edited, directed and performed by the employees of Maiwei Communication. At the annual meeting, the versatile Maiwei people prepared a wonderful literary and artistic performance, dance, singing, sketch, poetry recitation ... all kinds of things to mention.


          Singing readily, dancing gracefully to celebrate the New Year. The warm dance kicked off the prelude to the Spring Festival party, and the high-pitched singing ignited the passionate, lively and active atmosphere at the annual meeting.

          Laughter, applause and scream, the atmosphere at the scene was so high! Game challenges and sweepstakes are interspersed among them, breaking the rules, creating creativity and surprises.

          Maiwe Communication's annual meeting came to a successful conclusion. No matter how time and space change, what remains unchanged is the heart of Maiwe Communication and its family. Yesterday has returned by wind, and today is thriving. Only by striving and knowing the taste of happiness, Maiwe Communication will create greater new glories with passion, responsibility and dedication!

          2019 is a year of harvest that is full of return. We work together to build a brand, deepen the value, and use the sincerity to water the flowers of dreams. In the face of 2020, we are full of longing and passion. Win the future! With confidence and courage, strut your head and write a brighter future!
          All the past is the prologue; all the future is expected!