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          NEWS & EVENTS

          Maiwe Service Month |Guarantee for Customer, the core of Maiwe Communication

          December 6, 2019

          Maiwe Service Month |Guarantee for Customer, the core of Maiwe Communication



          After-sales service is the most important part of customer service. From the moment the product is delivered, we have started after-sales service. After-sales service is not only related to the formation of brand effect, but also to customer satisfaction, customer repurchase and referral. The so-called order completion is only the beginning of sales. This sentence makes sense, because the transaction only opens the door to subsequent continuous services. More things are waiting for us to do.

          In order to better serve customers, Maiwei Communications has set up 7 offices and 23 agents in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, forming a customer service structure covering the whole country, establishing a comprehensive customer service system and providing efficient , Convenient, personalized technical support, quickly respond to various problems encountered by customers in the use of products.

          Technical Services

          Maiwe Communication Marketing Service Center has a technical department to provide strong technical support for the company's services and related products. The technical support department has a group of excellent professional and technical personnel to provide after-sales service support in a 7 × 24-hour service mode, which can not only provide quick and convenient support for the implementation process of the entire service project in time, and respond to user field equipment problems in time; Provide free technical consultation and other services for customers.

          When the customer encounters difficult problems or the equipment is in an abnormal state when using the products of Maiwei Communication Company (including service products), if it cannot be solved by telephone support, after the negotiation between the two parties determines that on-site resolution is required, Maiwei Communication will send technical support engineers to the site to analyze the cause of the failure and finally solve the problem. After the on-site problem handling is completed, Maiwei Communication Technical Support Engineer will submit a detailed after-sales service report to the user.

          Warranty service

          Within one month (including one month) of Maiwei Communication Industrial Communication Products since the date of sale, users can choose to return, exchange or repair Maiwei products and their accessories that cannot be used normally due to quality problems.

          Within one year (including one year) from the date of sale, Maiwei products that cannot be used normally due to quality problems can be replaced or repaired.

          Warranty services will be provided within five years (including five years) from the date of sale, and optical passive products such as optical fibers, optical cables, jumpers, flanges, optical cable terminal boxes and other optical passive products will be provided within two years (including two years) warranty service.

          Repair / replacement: Generally, the repair or replacement will be sent back to the customer within 5 working days (the repaired product is accompanied by the product repair report).

          The company attaches great importance to the establishment of corporate culture and the improvement of service quality, and understands that after-sales service is the top priority. The company has always adhered to quality-oriented, providing customers with satisfactory service as the core, and formed the corporate philosophy of "sincerity is the most sincere, new and refined", so as to provide customers with the best after-sales service experience.