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          NEWS & EVENTS

          Maiwe Technology Month │ Embrace the Industrial

          December 14, 2019

          Maiwe Technology Month │ Embrace the Industrial "5G" Era-Maiwe Communication and Mobile Communication Sign 5G Strategic Cooperation Agreement

          2019 is the first year of 5G. As the development direction of a new generation of communication technology, 5G network has opened the era of "Internet of Everything" with its characteristics of high speed, high bandwidth, low latency and low power consumption. In the industrial field, industrial 5G has laid the foundation for production networks, operation and maintenance networks and logistics networks, which will significantly improve the efficiency and flexibility of industrial value creation. With the advent of the 5G air vent, Maiwei Communication looks at the future and embraces the industrial 5G era.

          Recently, the signing ceremony of the 5G strategic cooperation between Wuhan Maiwe Communication Co., Ltd. ("Maiwe Communication") and Shanghai Yiyuan Communication Technology Co., Ltd. ("Shanghai Yiyuan") was held in the conference room on the fifth floor of our headquarters. The chairman of Maiwe Communication, the technology R & D center, the manufacturing delivery center and the market department leader, the deputy general manager of Shanghai Yiyuan and the manager of Wuhan branch attended the signing ceremony.

          Before the signing ceremony began, each introduced t-he company's development h-istory, current operating sit-uation, achievements in rece-nt years, and future develop-ment directions, and briefly   exchanged relevant contents of the contract.

          Then the two parties reac-hed a high degree of consen-sus on 5G strategic cooperat-ion and jointly signed a framework agreement on 5G techn-ology application strategic c-ooperation, marking the for-mal entry of the strategic co-operation between the two   parties into the implementati-on stage.

          The signing of this strategic cooperation has a milestone significance in the development history of Maiwei Communications, marking that Maiwei Communications officially opened the 5G era. Based on the principle of "integrating resources, aggregating industries, cooperating and innovating, and serving the society", the two parties have integrated into the national 5G development strategy deployment, combined with the development advantages and experience of both sides, based on the application of 5G technology, industrial Internet, cloud computing and other new technologies in the industrial field Cooperation in other areas. The two sides will strive to jointly create an industrial 5G benchmark project to achieve complementary advantages and strategic win-win situation.