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          NEWS & EVENTS

          Maiwe Service Month | Technical Support Team

          November 25, 2019

          Maiwe Service Month | 24/7 Technical Support Team


          At Maiwe Communication, there is such a group of people, they often rush to the front line of the project, regardless of the high temperature of summer and the cold wind of winter, wherever they are. No matter it is pre-sale, in-sale or after-sale, as long as the customer's "order", they can always respond as soon as possible. They are the “first glance” of customers' evaluation of a company ’s technical capabilities. They convey the core culture of Maiwe Communication through their behaviors. With hard work, dedicated spirit and superb technology, they have won high praise and praise from customers. They are the Maiwe communication technical support team that is online 24/7.

          Reliable Service

          When they learned that the photovoltaic power generation project was starting, they began to assist sales staff by telephone communication or visits to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, and went to the Yijun County project site in Tongchuan City to conduct on-site surveys, participate in technical exchanges, and fully consider customers. After the needs and particularity of the project, we recommend the most suitable industrial communication equipment and solutions that can meet the requirements of the site according to the characteristics of the project.

          Pre-sale Service

          Technology and Responsibility

          Solve what customer worrys will continuously improve customer satisfaction. Since the product project entered the on-site construction stage, the sales staff always followed up on the project site. No matter it is late at night or early in the morning, as long as the customer's message is received, our technical support team will reply in time to provide corresponding technical support; if on-site assistance is required, the company will also arrange personnel to rush to Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province as soon as possible The commissioning site in Yijun County provides on-site commissioning and services for customers, assists in solving technical problems during on-site commissioning of the project, and helps the project successfully achieve grid connection and electrification.

          After-sale Service

          Customer Satisfaction

          The customer's affirmation is the biggest motivation for the company's technical support team to work. In this Tongchuan photovoltaic power generation project, Maiwei Communication's high-quality industrial communication products and technical engineers closely cooperate with the commissioning project and have been highly praised and recognized by customers. Maiwei Communication has been pursuing product quality and service that can satisfy customers, focusing on providing users with the most professional technical support and worry-free after-sales service throughout. In the future, the company will continue to improve the service system, technical support services and the company grow together, step by step to achieve customer service excellence, and make customers satisfied.