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          NEWS & EVENTS

          Maiwe Released New MaxView Network Management System

          May 6, 2020

          MaxView function overview

          Maiwe MaxView network management system implements the following main functions: device management, topology management, alarm management, log management, and system management.

                                            Home page

          System Management Page

                                  MaxView Features

          MaxView adopts B / S architecture, which is convenient to deploy, smooth to use and powerful.

          MaxView provides a RESTful API interface, which can establish a centralized and comprehensive management platform through secondary development.

          MaxView uses large-screen report status display, the web interface is more concise and more beautiful, and the user experience is optimized.

          MaxView supports high-level security protection, perfect role rights management, tamper resistance, and lock user data.

          MaxView provides equipment full-cycle operation information, which is convenient for users to query all nodes in real time, equipment operation data at all times and troubleshoot network faults.