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          Mine video surveillance system

          The mine video monitoring system is used in mines, open-pit coal mines and other places. Not only can the system intuitively and comprehensively control the operation and production of the entire mining area, but remote monitoring personnel can also implement monitoring to promptly remind operators of illegal operations to prevent dangerous situations occur. Especially when a safety production accident occurs, video materials can be obtained from the server, so that the scene when the problem occurs can be completely reproduced, and the cause of the accident can be quickly and efficiently located.

          Maiwe Solution

          According to the application requirements of the mine video surveillance system, Maiwe has proposed a simple and reliable solution, using MISCOM7026 gigabit industrial Ethernet switching mechanism to build the core network, using MIEN5108 and MIEN3105 100M embedded switch networking, core network and underground 1. The MW-Ring technology is adopted in the mine network to form a redundant ring network to ensure the normal transmission of data and the normal operation of the system when the optical cable fails. According to the site environment, the Mport1101 single-channel embedded network extender can be used to transmit data over long distances through ordinary cables such as twisted pairs, telephone lines, and coaxial cables, which greatly reduces the system while ensuring the data transmission rate and quality Cost and construction difficulty. At the end of the system, the bottom equipment can be directly connected to the MIEN3105 100M embedded switch through the RS-232 / RS-485 / CAN bus to complete the transmission of business data such as video and broadcast communications.

          System structure diagram

          Key Products

          Typical Application

          Coal Mine Gas Safety Monitoring System of Heilongjiang Longmei Group