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          Open-pit mine monitoring and positioning system

          The open-pit mine detection and positioning system is to establish a complete wireless network communication coverage in the mining area, office area and living area of the mining area. It can enable users to access the network at any time in any place by wireless means, even in the driving car, it can easily solve the broadband access, making the mobile car into a mobile office. The vehicle-mounted detection and positioning terminal transmits the collected data to the entire wireless MESH network through the MESH terminal, which realizes the efficient and stable upload of the mobile terminal data.

          Maiwe Solution

          Maiwe has proposed a simple and easy-to-use system solution for the open-pit mine detection and positioning system. This solution mainly uses the MIEN3105B product produced by Maiwe to connect the on-board positioning terminal and monitoring terminal of the mine car to the wireless MESH terminal through the 100M copper port. Make the signal stable and efficient transmission in the entire wireless MESH network. In the dispatching room, the staff can effectively monitor and position the mine trucks and drivers in the entire mining area, and real-time monitor and optimize management of production and installation equipment, mobile transportation equipment, unloading points and production sites.

          System structure diagram

          Key Products

          Typical Application

          Zhungeer Qiha Mine Opencast Mine Monitoring and Positioning System