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          About us


          Preparing for public

          Maiwe moved to the new privately-owned office buliding and prepare on public.


          Shareholding system transformation

          Established the core equipment of industrial Internet communication to help China manufacture 2025. Start the shareholding system transformation work.


          IEC61850-A testing certification

          MISCOM series switches won the IEC61850-A testing certification of State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, and Maiwei became the first industrial switch manufacturer in China to pass this certification.


          Develops industrial management Ethernet switches

          Maiwei independently develops industrial management Ethernet switches, and creates a new chapter in industrial network communication, laying the company's future development direction.


          the first to launch industrial transceiver products

          Combining the development advantages of “Wuhan ? China Optics Valley” optoelectronics industry, Maiwe Communication is the first companies in China to launch industrial serial optical transceiver series products, entering the era of optical fiber communication.


          Company Establishment

          The company was established, independently developed and produced industrial serial port conversion products, and entered the road of industrial communication.