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      Technical Service

      Pre-sales service

      • 01
        Comprehension of Client Requirements
      • 02
        Establish Project File
      • 03
        Draw Up Technical Solution
      • 04
        Revise the Solution Design and Prepare for the Proposal
      • 05
        Submit Proposal to Client

      After-sales service

      • 01
        On-site Engineers Support

        * FulI analysis, diagnosis and troubleshooting.

        * No more high costs due to long-term downtime.

        * Getting your system up and running again in a very short time

      • 02
        Technical Support Group Remote Support

        * Email Support

        * Website Support

        * Hotline Call

        * Online Chat

      • 03
        Sales Engineer/Service Center Support

        * 7*24h Support

      Technical Group

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