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      Company Started Up

      MAIWE?team established and?started to developed and produced industrial serial port conversion series products.

      Focus on the Line of Industrial Communication

      With independently development of industrial management Ethernet switches, since then MAIWE focus on the line of industrial communication

      High-tech Enterprise Certification

      Got the high-tech enterprise certification of the Ministry of Science and Technology

      IEC61850-A Testing Certification of State Grid

      MISCOM series switches won the IEC61850-A testing certification of State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, MAIWE became the first industrial switch manufacturers in China to pass this certification.

      Member of Intelligent Transportation Association

      MAIWE launched an industrial-grade layer 3 Ethernet switch series. The MISCOM series of switches passed the inspection standards of the Ministry of Public Security. Maiwe has become an honorary member of Hubei Intelligent Transportation Association

      Won Multiple Awards

      MAIWE completed a round of financing of 20 million yuan, and was successfully selected as a key entrepreneurial talent in the "3551 Optics Valley Talent Program"; won the "Gazelle Enterprise", "China's Top Ten Outstanding Intelligent Transportation Enterprises with the Most Ingenuity", and was listed in the 2018 "Optics Valley High-tech" "Top 20 High Growth" list.

      New Office Building, New Strategy

      -Move to 5 floors new office building;

      -New R&D team for IIOT;

      -5G strategic cooperation with Quectel;

      MAIWE Go Public

      -MAIWE transfers to be a listed company (stock code: 873461);

      -Got the test certification of EN50155

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